Being Agile. Is. Everything.

I'm passionate about learning as much as I can and seeking out knowledge so I can learn the best from anyone who can teach me. 

As a business professional, it is really something, when you walk into a class looking to take your career somewhere beyond where it is today but, then, hearing something that feels harmonious, like a symphony, feeling a kind of resonance when you are simply there to learbn a business process (yawn, so boring). That's exactly how I felt during the two-day class when I became a Certified Scrum Manager. 

Maybe it was our instructor, Carlton, who I will never forget, in his amazing facilitation and teaching style and all of the real-world examples he shared with our group. You can't sit there an fade into the background when it comes to Scrum. Nope. Scrum is active and requires participation. 

Maybe it was Camille, who I've kept in touch with over several years now who learned, implemented and has gone on to bring a global organization into a truly Agile mindset.  That's impressive. Check out Camille's blogs in our featured section for some really great advice. 

Maybe it is that everything about Agile and, in particular, Scrum, is foundational and really smart. As, with anything, we've needed to update and make improvements along the way. I don't know about you but, I've been practicing Agile in project management before (I knew) it even existed. Now that its been formalized and I've learned it, I feel it in my bones. It makes sense. 

We all know that Agile / Scrum is no panacea, not a quick fix or a placation that "everything's going to be just fine" because we've now agreed or said that we're Agile. It's a practice that must be lived, daily. It's core principles must be adhered to be successful. 

But, the Agile manifesto it makes sense. It came about because of a need. Too much management - for the sake of management - I'd revolt as well. Ugh, who want's that?

It's philosophical, yet, pragmatic. Practical and achievable. It's somewhat measurable and, if nothing else, truly helpful beyond anything that is out there today. 

So, I'm a fan. A pragmatic, I'll make my own flavor of Agile, my own interpretation of Scrum. But, I will ahdhere to the core values that make Agile what it is. The best of what Scrum can be. And I'll write about it. (Constructive) comments and feedback welcome at all times. 

We will all adhere to the principles of Agile on this site, or swiftly, we will say goodbye to you.